Grumpy-Old-Lady-Standing-At-The-Bus-Stop-BOT & Hippy-BOT

So I found my fine line pens and set to work on these BOTs. Grumpy…BOT, below, is going to be based on the first image (black line on white) and will be coloured in – the other images are just extra ideas I came up with while messing about with the image!

Also, Hippy-BOTs changed a lil bit! In true phsycadelic form, there had to be melted, mushy rainbow colours – and an out of focus BOT! These ideas were doodled on a bit of newspaper, and for some reason after adding colour to HippyBOT the background went really grainy, and it’s picked up some of the surrounding details!

So I’d say maybe a couple more days working on these BOTs and then I’ll be going on to create a page for these characters on my blog! Good times! 😀

Off to chill with a glass of Vino now and relax the brain before work tomorrow – sometimes it’s good to have a rainy day! 😀




4 thoughts on “Grumpy-Old-Lady-Standing-At-The-Bus-Stop-BOT & Hippy-BOT

    • Oh yes, the Bots are finally being allowed to spread havoc on the blog – mwahaha! 😀

      I’m defo thinking about some sort of short comics, maybe a weekly thing I’ll do on the blog and I’ll introduce new characters as it goes along – it’s a big work in progress! Maybe have a few strips up mid Aug! 😀

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