Rainy Day Doodles


rain, rain, RAIN!

However, this downright icky weather has resulted in some free doodling time – which also fills up some pages in my Summer Visual Diary for Uni! 😀

Been working on some friends for my JamesBot (with a very chunky felt pen, so excuse these early roughs please!) , so far there’s Rock-Bot, Geek-Bot, Hippy-Bot, Arty-bot and Grumpy-Old-Lady-Standing-At-The-Bus-Stop-Bot.

These are jus some random ideas that I’ve quickly coloured in on Photoshop. I think I’m going to develop Hippy-Bot and Grumpy…-Bot, thoughts perhaps?

Also, my mate Tully had the best reaction ever to my Lil’ Devils on Facebook! So they wanted to show her their Lil’ Science Lab where they cause cute chaos when they’re not shopping for Toffee Popcorn and Purple Waistcoats! x


Over and out for now!




4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Doodles

  1. Awww, the grummy granny bot is so cute! And oddly reminds me of this old lady who is always huffing and puffing at my bus stop :p I also have a summer project similar to yours, filling up an old book with art inspired by a film 😀 Good luck with yours! xxx

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