Textured Typography

So amidst tidying and trying to regain some sanity to the household, I’ve had a lil’ bit of time to do some typography for my diary.

I basically scanned in patterns from clothing catalogues and fashion mags, that I thought were interesting and had a bit of character to them, then I used a font/certain word that I felt represented it well.

This was just a quick 30 min exercise – so nothing overly amazing here, lol! – this was pretty much just to keep the creative mind ticking over 🙂

Plus I want to have a balance of hand generated type and digital type in my diary.
Here’s a couple of them that I think turned out okay!


This was a scanning of a very blinged out bag, with the scale of the pattern blown up so we could see all the details.


This was a scanning of a sparkly sequence dress, but I altered the colour of it to a Cyanish type blue to give it extra glitz!

This was from a flowery jumpsuit, just love the intensity of the greens and reds, verrrry purdy!

That’s all for now!




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