Sweet n sour stop animation!

Stopped for dinner (microwave sweet n sour with egg fried rice – nom!) and a quick post about the project so far!

This is a quick prototype of the video I’m working on – as you can tell it’s SUPER basic – I’m going to be using the lighting facilities in another studio to get a more even lighting and I want it to have this sorta “jagged” look to it, but maybe a lil bit smoother. Also, the character’s will have voices along with the music, so that’ll enhance the idea a bit more too!

The storyline is gonna be basically one paint tube annoying the sunbathing paint tube, and in the end the annoying lil character will jump on the other tube, resulting in paint going everywhere.

Obv’ this video doesn’t cover the full story, as I just wanted to get to grips with how I’m wanting it to look right now, but after making this little demo, I’ve got a much clearer idea of how it’s going to end up. It’s also given me an insight into how I’m going to approach my Flash animation next week!

It’s gonna be a lil (hopefully) funny video to represent the design element “colour”, and the video will feature on the blurb/weebly webpage.

Anyways, back to the studio!




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