1920s with a dash of Diet Coke!

A quick wee update into what I’m working on in studio right now – a flash animation on how to make the perfect Martini (1920s themed of course!) – using collage and illustration.

Been very busy today but was luckily fueled by diet coke (thanks to Emma bringing in two bottles and plastic cups – yay! :D), so I got rather a bit done!

Here’s a few of my research boards, from the early stages. Looking at the colour schemes and artists:

And here’s my first quick storyboard, and the new storyboard! On the new storyboard you can see that I’m using silhouettes of the 1920s Flappers, the objects I’m going to draw in the style of 20’s illustration (more research to do on that!) and the pink represents where I’m going to scan in some vintage style wallpaper as a textured background.

And here are my first cut outs of some Flapper’s silhouettes – soo glad I’ve gotta craft knife – this woulda been hell with scissors!

 And here’s is one that will be featured in the animation!

Got some pretty positive feedback from the lecturers – so hears hoping it all goes well!

Shall keep ya posted – off to work now!




5 thoughts on “1920s with a dash of Diet Coke!

    • Aww 😀 Thank you! Quite pleased with the final cutout, but I going to have to cut out different arms and legs to switch about to create the movement I’m wanting – can’t wait to put it all together! 😀 xxxxxxxx

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