Vintage Flash Video Finito!

Finished my flash animation (1920’s “How to make the perfect … Martini!) and it’s up on my Youtube Channel – check it out!

A 1920’s style silhouette flash animation.

I drew/cut out the silhouettes using black card, and the background is scrunched up pink tissue paper. There’s also a few loosely drawn ink and water illustrations as well to stop the animation looking totally flat.
Originally it was going to be like a silent movie, with the Charleston music, but a voice over was mandatory – soo, got the boyfriend to do the voice over – thank yoou! 😀 x
Anyways, it’s a “How to…” video, a lil’ step by step process into making a Martini – the signature 1920s speak-easy poison of choice!

Hope ya like it! 🙂

Over ‘n Out




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