Long Time, No Post! (aka Animation and NYC)

Aka – MAJOR catch up – I was going to be a pain and stick up three separate posts of Saturday but instead you are getting two bearable doses of blogging!

So the stop animation is finished!!! (And we’re rather pleased with the outcome too)

Working with Laura and Jaime was brilliant – I still feel bad about how still he had to stay for each shot (especially the falling scene!) – he did a fab job tho! ūüôā

We shot over 3000 images at day and night with different exposures and then edited the frames in Photoshop and the timings in Final Cut. There’s also a bit of audio editing, we added an audio excerpt from an old 40s/50s advert at the beginning and end of the video to help tie it all together.

Here’s the storyboard and some shots:


The above colour story boards are key points in the video and the below black and white storyboards were transitions for the animatics or overlays.


This is a screen shot of some of the images from the falling scene we did with Jaime, probably one of the most difficult scenes to do, especially since the camera kept freezing!
Here’s some of the shots where we used some Photoshop, these are just a few as we had to edit quite a bulk or else the effect would not last long enough for it to be seen.


So here’s the link of YouTube if you want to check out the final video:


Also the initial and detailed animatics can be found at these links:





So straight after that our class were off and raring to go to the other side of the pond –¬†NEW YORK!!!

We had a great time and crammed so much in Рthe MoMa, Guggenheim, Empire State building, Statue of Libby, Times Square Рand our accommodation was conveniently right next to Central Park.

Our studio visits were fantastic and very inspiring too!

On Friday we went to Utopia Photography Studio and got a great insight into how being driven, inspired and damn good at networking/ what you do, can get you far. We even got a sneak peak at a photoshoot which was brilliant. On Tuesday we visited KarlssonWilker Inc. and got a nitty gritty insight into building up your business and how you gotta go for it and give it a go having your own studio.

All in all it was a fantastic trip and I’d happily go there again!

(Also the food portions were ridiculous! Haha!)

So here’s some picks:








Anyways, I’ll be posting a bit more NYC picks (like the night-time shots from the Empire State Building) on my second post at the weekend after St. Paddys/ me n’ my flatmate’s 21st!

Over ‘n out






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