No Adobe … Nope … Not a single bit!

So after a brilliant birthday and St. Patrick’s Day we were given a new brief to do!

For this project we had to design an A2 poster without the help of technology – no Adobe, no laptop, no nothin’!

It’s for a screening of a movie called “Night on Earth” , which is taking place in the main lecture hall on the 10th April. It’s about 5 night time taxi journeys, in 5 capital cities:

Los Angeles


New York



We had to pick a capital city out of a cup (not a hat, a cup), and that was our city that we had to convey in the poster.

I got … *drum roll* … Helsinki!

My scene *spoiler alert* is about 3 drunks heading home after one of them has had the worst day ever! He loses his job, his sixteen year old daughter is pregnant, and his wife wants a divorce – oh, and his brand new car gets vandalized as well – all in all, *bad times*.

So I did a mix of library/online research into the movie and Helsinki/Finland (as well as diggin’ out the ol’ Finnish goth albums!) and discovered the library didn’t have many resources on Finland in general – and they only had two books on any form of design/art – so that was a fun start …

… but no, it was actually really good because it forced me to look at every single aspect of Finland that I could find – landscapes, products, jewelry, fashion, design, art, printmaking, album art, drinking …

so here’s some of the mood/research boards:




So based on the research I felt that the overall look of the poster would have to be ornate, but simple at the same time. The colour scheme based on the goth scene but using a warm colour of paper to print on.

I used the technique “lino printing” to create my image, which is a simplified version of the 3 men at the beginning of the scene drunkenly leaning on each other. The shape, at a glance is also meant to look like a heart forming, and the lines coming from it are like veins, so this ties into the pregnancy. The top left corner of the next board shows the 3 men leaning. Below that are some of the initial idea boards.





So the next few images are of the lino print process and the layout development of the poster. The font was traced, then altered and light boxed onto the final poster. I also experimented with a mix of textured papers until I got the result I was looking for.





So after presenting these final four posters at presentations, I ended up with a final result for submitting into the competition…


So the final also had a bit of painting added to it to make the veins almost ivy-like, and the paper that I chose is much warmer than the others. I’m quite pleased with the final and fingers crossed it gets chosen! 🙂

Anyways, tis the easter holidays and I have a project and essay to do! Shall fill you all in about that soon!

Over n’ out



PS – Anno, the mood boards were created on Adobe – but they were for the presentation! It was just the poster that had to be done by hand! 🙂


5 thoughts on “No Adobe … Nope … Not a single bit!

  1. Hi, Thanks for dropping by my blog, I returned the visit and was so glad that I did. I really enjoyed your post and how you developed and executed the design brief. It is always great to see other artisit’s process.

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