Mini Box Project

It’s been a looong time since I’ve posted a blog, been soo busy this semester, but the projects have been really good so far – shall have my finals up of them closer to the end of semester with some snapshots of the development process as well! 🙂

So this was a project assigned to all of Communication Design – we each had to decorate a cardboard box with whatever we wanted. These are going to be used to decorate/ cover up the windows of a new Grays School of Art pop up shop – “Offset 57” – at The Academy Centre on Belmont Street – whilst it’s getting glammed up and ready for it’s open night!

I decided to have a bit of fun with this project, and one of the ideas that popped into my head for this was Schrödinger’s cat.

Here’s a link if you cant to know who the hell that cat is…

… and yes I’d heard about this cat before TBBT! 😛 Oh, and I should probably add the experiment was theoretical – they never actually put a cat in a box.

So this is basically Schrö’s Cat bursting from the box, a tad manic, and a tad pissed off at his owner – fair nuff I think! The original illustration was kind of loosely based on Tom from Tom and Jerry, but as he got applied to the box, he became a little bit more “Crazy Alleyway Cat” – which I think is more fitting to the situation anyways…

We were given restrictions on the colour scheme, to create some form of unity a midst the different box designs – we were allowed to use Black, White, Grey & Silver – either all of them of just some of them. So I decided to paint the box a base black colour and then illustrate my cat in white with grey highlights using paint markers.

So here’s the process…

                                   Applying the base coat.


Sketching out the illustrations…


… and creating their placement on the box.


Applying the white line…


… and adding the highlights in grey.







So that’s it, all I need to do is apply some tape to the inside of the box to strengthen it and then cover any bits of card still showing through! Shall post near Crimbo!

Over ‘n Out



Magazine Finito!

Tonight I finished off my summer project for uni – It’s all printed off and stapled up for the 25th September! 

It’s printed onto HP Inkjet 180gsm, matte, double sided coated (which is perfect for double sided printing) A3 paper.

180gsm is a heavier paper than your average mag’ paper, but it soaks up the ink great, with vibrant, detailed print offs – not dull like a 90gsm print off.

To refresh our memories, here’s the concept behind “Notice!”:

It’s about issues in the 21st century creative world, as well as each week having an article about a new rising star in the creative industry – but on a retro platform, think 40s – 60s mish mashed with new stuff!

Since that original concept, it has changed slightly. I wanted the magazine to be accessible to more than just people who are studying – or are already part of – the creative industry. It had to be something that anyone could pick up and they would understand pretty much all of it, and learn about the industry today.

Hopefully I’ve achieved that during the process of this project.

Here’s some pictures of the final magazine, it was a bit harder to photograph as I got further through the mag, pages kept turning, so some of them are photographed as best as possible!









Hope you liked seeing some of the final pages!

Over ‘n out



Back to blogging

We have internet!!!

After nearly a month in our new digs, it has been set up (love how the earliest the company could deal with it was 29 days into our moving – sigh – oh wells!).

Mix that with a broken bone (the metatarsal, basically it’s in the foot, and it’s scuppered my big toe) and we have plenty o’ blogging and designing for the next 6 weeks!

So I’ve pretty much finished the mag, just waiting on my fancy paper in the post to print and construct it – hopefully after Friday I’ll be in a lighter cast and will be able to balance myself whilst using the printer – moving from my room to the kitchen’s an adventure in itself right now!

These images here are just some ideas, messing about with collage and photoshop – they’re kind of a spin-off from the mag – it really got me into chopping up old vintage stuff. However, in the mag, the imagery is used to represent the articles, here I’m mashing them up, mirroring images, and messing about with colour. It’s really just me having a bit of fun! Hope you like what I’ve done so far 🙂

I’ve got a few more things to post over the next couple of days, such as my summer “continuous line” drawings, some logo/ poster work I’ve done and my 5min sketchbook. Oh, and a pack of cards too.

Over ‘n out



NOTICE! The summer project is underway!

So the style for my uni summer project – a magazine – is starting to take shape!

This is the brief we’ve been given:

The requirements are as follows:


• Contents page

• 4 Articles  –

  1. Global Design (Design studios around the world, culture, trends, history etc)
  1. What is ‘communication design’ in the 21st Century?
  1. An article of your own choosing  – but design related.
  1. Study on a particular studio/illustrator/designer/photographer

So – my articles are, 1st – About the best design studios in the world right now (like a top ten sorta thing), 2nd article is obviously “What is ‘communication design’ in the 21st, Century?”, 3rd *article of my own choosing* What is the difference between graphic design and illustration in the 21st century? – and the 4th article is about my favourite designer right now, City Abyss.

We also need to have a double page spread about what we did this summer (see previous blog) and it has to be a minimum of ten pages – 5 spreads.

So I’ve decided that my mag is going to be about issues in the 21st cent’ creative world, as well as each week having an article about a new rising star in the creative industry – but on a retro platform, think 40s – 60s mish mashed with new stuff! It’s called “Notice!” because we’re taking notice of the newcomers!

Here’s the front cover, contents page, summertime page and newcomer page. You may notice that the names of each article are based on a song title or a particular lyric. In this case, Daft Punk, Led Zepplin, Dr Dre, The Damned and Porgy & Bess.

So when’s it’s all done and made up I shall take some picks and stick them up here for you guys! Hope you like it so far! 🙂

Over ‘n out



It’s been too long! And now for some zombies…

Back in the blogging world again… seems so long since I had time to type out a wee blog for ya’ll!

There’ll be 3 posts in short succession to catch you all up on my goings on the past few months (Unless you already know cause of Twitter that is – which btw is @graphicdesignks), this one is about a large project I did over late May/ and June. The next two will be about my summer uni project and other bits and bobs I’ve doing – ooh, exciting, haha! 😛

So among the flat searching, working, living out a suitcase, then back to the old hometown of my past days, I ended up being part of this brilliant, huge project in Renfrewshire! No rest for the wicked, I suppose!

It involved school children from Ferguslie, working together on a movie with a budget of £20,000 raised by CashBack and Renfrewshire Youth Council. Other groups involved where Renfrewshire Council, Renfrewshire Arts & Museums, Creative Scotland and Renfrewshire Libraries.

Actor Kate Dickie (from Rab C Nesbit, Chewing the Fat and a lil’ film called Prometheus) and Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs – Fiona Hyslop were involved too!

Ferguslie’s has had some bad media in the past, and this was to show that the community is strong and there is a large amount of fantastic young talent there – actors, artists, dancers, script writers and designers!
So, to go along with the movie, they wanted a sorta spin-off graphic novel, all the artwork was created by the school children at graphic novel workshops over a period of sixteen weeks, and then I was brought in to design the layout of the mag – and fill out the dialogue – excuse my bad jokes in the novel! – to make it look like a comic. I was thinking along the lines of the style found in Beano and Dandy mags in the nineties (religiously bought by moi every Thursday for 20p for most of my childhood!) to match the humour of the movie/novel.

Oh, did I fail to mention the movie and book are about ZOMBIES TAKING OVER FERGUSLIE!!!

Well now you know. It’s called “Dawn of the Fegs” (Feg (Feh – egg) proper noun for someone who inhabits the area known as Ferguslie) and is a cross between Still Game, The Demon Headmaster, and Shaun of the Dead – wonderful! The spin-off comic is called “Terror at the Tanny” – The Tanny being the Tannahill Centre, the main hub of the community.

And it wasn’t just kids that took part in the movie! What about the bingo hall inhabiting zombie grannies, the slightly undead parents and the community hall’s Kung Fu fighting Janitor!!!

The movie was hilarious and fantastic – they’re hoping to enter into the Young Film competition for next years Edinburgh Film Festival, with the Graphic Novel in tow – used as the movie program. As well as this, they want to get it certified and shown at cinemas around Scotland as a short before the main movie! Good luck to them – I hope it goes well, they bloody deserve it!

The premiere was fab and it was great seeing everyone with a copy of the novel and having a good chuckle!

It was great to be part of and I’m pleased to say I’m now on Renfrewshire’s Freelance Designer database – well chuffed! 😀 Also, the comic has an ISBN, which means you can borrow it from any Renfrewshire library!

So here’s some images of the book as well as a list of links from the media coverage of the book and movie!

And here’s the media links if you fancy a look at them too! 🙂 (17min 20sec in)

I’d say that’s all for now but I’ll be posting a short blog after this, and then a second blog tomorrow between packing!

Over ‘n out



Promo Packaging: The rest ‘o the picks!

So my internet’s being co-operative today… here’s the rest of the packaging pictures! These are of the postcards and their packaging, and the t-shirt rolled up/ opened out.

So that’s 2nd year of Uni over and done with for now … I’m off to the pub – cya!



PS – Here’s the link to Eilidh’s animation 😀 :


Design Museum Promotional Packaging

So after three weeks, we have a final promotional packaging and items!

In our group (Visual communication: Ross Geelan, Graphic Design: Me & Maarten Smets, Digital Design Media: Eilidh Dunshire) we had to create a piece of promotional packaging for a “Classic Design” exhibition, along with a promo tee, 6 A5 postcards, a promo item (in our case – 3D glasses) and a fold down A3 poster, whilst Eilidh created an advert on 3D Maxx. Our project was “3D” themed, with a designer per decades of our choice.

50s – Saul Bass

60s – Keichii Tanaami

70s – Bill Gold

80s – Patrick Nagal

90s – David Carson

00s – Shepard Fairey

Here’s pictures of the box, poster and glasses in their packaging – I’ll add a picture of the glasses folded out on Sunday – they have a little more tweaking to do! I’ll add the rest when my internet allows me to load more – sigh!

Over ‘n out



Photos & Sketchy Thingys!

So I’ve got back half of my film photos so far – yay! These were taken with just a wee disposable camera from Boots as a little extra thing to try out in New York. I was quite pleased as there was only 2 dud picks – here’s a select few from the bunch that I’m particularly happy with – and hopefully you’ll like ’em too! 🙂

Also, here’s some bits from my lil A5 NY sketchbook – if you wanna see more there’s a separate page for it 🙂

So that was just a quick wee post before I fill ya in on this Easter project next week! Hope you liked the picks! 🙂

Over ‘n out,



No Adobe … Nope … Not a single bit!

So after a brilliant birthday and St. Patrick’s Day we were given a new brief to do!

For this project we had to design an A2 poster without the help of technology – no Adobe, no laptop, no nothin’!

It’s for a screening of a movie called “Night on Earth” , which is taking place in the main lecture hall on the 10th April. It’s about 5 night time taxi journeys, in 5 capital cities:

Los Angeles


New York



We had to pick a capital city out of a cup (not a hat, a cup), and that was our city that we had to convey in the poster.

I got … *drum roll* … Helsinki!

My scene *spoiler alert* is about 3 drunks heading home after one of them has had the worst day ever! He loses his job, his sixteen year old daughter is pregnant, and his wife wants a divorce – oh, and his brand new car gets vandalized as well – all in all, *bad times*.

So I did a mix of library/online research into the movie and Helsinki/Finland (as well as diggin’ out the ol’ Finnish goth albums!) and discovered the library didn’t have many resources on Finland in general – and they only had two books on any form of design/art – so that was a fun start …

… but no, it was actually really good because it forced me to look at every single aspect of Finland that I could find – landscapes, products, jewelry, fashion, design, art, printmaking, album art, drinking …

so here’s some of the mood/research boards:




So based on the research I felt that the overall look of the poster would have to be ornate, but simple at the same time. The colour scheme based on the goth scene but using a warm colour of paper to print on.

I used the technique “lino printing” to create my image, which is a simplified version of the 3 men at the beginning of the scene drunkenly leaning on each other. The shape, at a glance is also meant to look like a heart forming, and the lines coming from it are like veins, so this ties into the pregnancy. The top left corner of the next board shows the 3 men leaning. Below that are some of the initial idea boards.





So the next few images are of the lino print process and the layout development of the poster. The font was traced, then altered and light boxed onto the final poster. I also experimented with a mix of textured papers until I got the result I was looking for.





So after presenting these final four posters at presentations, I ended up with a final result for submitting into the competition…


So the final also had a bit of painting added to it to make the veins almost ivy-like, and the paper that I chose is much warmer than the others. I’m quite pleased with the final and fingers crossed it gets chosen! 🙂

Anyways, tis the easter holidays and I have a project and essay to do! Shall fill you all in about that soon!

Over n’ out



PS – Anno, the mood boards were created on Adobe – but they were for the presentation! It was just the poster that had to be done by hand! 🙂

Books & Postcards

Well, a book, and a postcard … but the title above seemed to sound better than “Book & Postcard” …

So here’s some picks of the final blurb (design elements) book – rather pleased with it and I hope you like it too! 🙂

So that’s the book – next is the new brief – the postcard – woop! 😛 🙂

It’s basically a live brief with Creative Review for the 2012 Olympics …

… we were all assigned a word linked to the event (mine is Year!) so I’ve just started on some random doodles/ mind mapping today to get the ball rolling – seasons, animals, etc etc… all shall be revealed on Friday since we have only a week to do this in – eek! Should be okay though 🙂

Back to studio, Over n’ Out!