Website & Wetherspoons

Just a quick post about my project so far – finished my book layouts and onto the webpage now.
Thought I’d post up the link for Chiaroscuro, the layout is very basic as we’re quite restricted (we’re using a site called Weebly instead of the program Dreamweaver *sigh*) but I’m still chopping and changing things about and there’s still alot of construction going on (for example, there’s blank pages with default cloud banners and the video page has a dummy youtube video link on it right now).

So I’m hoping to get more photos for the other slideshows, and I’m wanting to create a very colourful and typography based stop-motion animation for my video page, so I’m currently researching into that and mind mapping the hell outta it!

My book layouts have had a few adjustments here and there – basically as much hand generated typo as possible!

So here’s some examples –

And here’s the link that takes you directly to the Chiaroscuro page, you can have a wee wander around the rest of the site, but memo – still a work in prog! ­čÖé

Anyways, that’s enough studio time for today – off for curry, drink and chit chat with the girls!

Over n’ Out,



Chiaroscuro & Curry

Just finished my time in studio today – thought I’d quickly stick up a wee post about my progress with this book project.

I’ve finished my research (thank god for that!) and I’m now onto taking photos for each of the basic principles of design.

I’ll then have to narrow these down to ten images, one for each category:

Colour, Texture, Dots, Lines, Dot & Line, Crossing, Planes, Circles, Rhythm and Chiaroscuro.

After that I’ll have to create an illustration for each photograph (using different materials ‘n such) and stick it all together in a purdy layout for publishing … and this is for Friday … sleeping shall be minimal for the remainder of this week!

So here’s 3 of the images that I feel are the strongest so far – shall hopefully get this all done in time!

So this spiderweb that I photographed today is for “Crossing”.

I was lucky enough to be taking pictures whilst there was a burst of sunshine through the windows, and because I snapped this during the blip of good weather, it picked up markings on the glass too – which I thought looked rather sparkly and purdy!

This is for “Texture”. Whilst photographing the walls outside our studio for “Dots”, I noticed a small numerical print on the wall – it looked like a┬árather rough texture, so I zoomed in and then┬áaltered┬áthe contrast on photoshop to bring it out a wee bit!

And last, but not least :P, this image is for “Chiaroscuro” (light-dark). Just stumbled across these whilst wondering about Scott Sutherland building and altered the white balance on my camera before taking the shot.

So that’s all for now, since I probably wont have much time to update over the next week!

Off for curry and chat at Jan ‘n Den’s now (biryani goodness!).

Over ‘n Out!