Books & Postcards

Well, a book, and a postcard … but the title above seemed to sound better than “Book & Postcard” …

So here’s some picks of the final blurb (design elements) book – rather pleased with it and I hope you like it too! 🙂

So that’s the book – next is the new brief – the postcard – woop! 😛 🙂

It’s basically a live brief with Creative Review for the 2012 Olympics …

… we were all assigned a word linked to the event (mine is Year!) so I’ve just started on some random doodles/ mind mapping today to get the ball rolling – seasons, animals, etc etc… all shall be revealed on Friday since we have only a week to do this in – eek! Should be okay though 🙂

Back to studio, Over n’ Out!



Vintage Flash Video Finito!

Finished my flash animation (1920’s “How to make the perfect … Martini!) and it’s up on my Youtube Channel – check it out!

A 1920’s style silhouette flash animation.

I drew/cut out the silhouettes using black card, and the background is scrunched up pink tissue paper. There’s also a few loosely drawn ink and water illustrations as well to stop the animation looking totally flat.
Originally it was going to be like a silent movie, with the Charleston music, but a voice over was mandatory – soo, got the boyfriend to do the voice over – thank yoou! 😀 x
Anyways, it’s a “How to…” video, a lil’ step by step process into making a Martini – the signature 1920s speak-easy poison of choice!

Hope ya like it! 🙂

Over ‘n Out



1920s with a dash of Diet Coke!

A quick wee update into what I’m working on in studio right now – a flash animation on how to make the perfect Martini (1920s themed of course!) – using collage and illustration.

Been very busy today but was luckily fueled by diet coke (thanks to Emma bringing in two bottles and plastic cups – yay! :D), so I got rather a bit done!

Here’s a few of my research boards, from the early stages. Looking at the colour schemes and artists:

And here’s my first quick storyboard, and the new storyboard! On the new storyboard you can see that I’m using silhouettes of the 1920s Flappers, the objects I’m going to draw in the style of 20’s illustration (more research to do on that!) and the pink represents where I’m going to scan in some vintage style wallpaper as a textured background.

And here are my first cut outs of some Flapper’s silhouettes – soo glad I’ve gotta craft knife – this woulda been hell with scissors!

 And here’s is one that will be featured in the animation!

Got some pretty positive feedback from the lecturers – so hears hoping it all goes well!

Shall keep ya posted – off to work now!



Tweaking & Twitter.

So I’m attempting to get better at networking.

Feel I should start now, get the ball rolling – I’m already in second year, best get a move on with getting my work out there!

Part of this plan involved entering a uni competition, I’m attending a conference/networking event next Wednesday (business cards at the ready!), and I finally got Twitter.

Yes … me … and twitter … bet you didn’t think that would happen!

Here’s the link btw if you wanna follow me! 🙂!/graphicdesignks

Also, the marathon that has been this blurb book is finally finished.

Done ‘n Dusted. Sign, sealed and delivered!!! …

… (Well, it’s gonna get sent off real soon for getting made up!)

And the Weebly site *insert sigh here* is coming along okay too, got the characters made up for the stop animation and I’m hoping that based on the success of this video, my second video in flash for the new project will work out okay too – more details on that to come!!!

Here’s a BEFORE, and AFTER the lecturer’s feedback, of one of the final spreads for “Dot & Line”:



I’m quite pleased with the final outcome for this spread, I think it’s more organic, and the typography isn’t as harsh, lemme know if ya think otherwise!

Anyways, break time over, got another bit to go in studio! 🙂

Over ‘n Out,



Ink, Ink, Ink

Nearly finished my Blurb book spreads, and I’m starting to think about the new project – web design – luckily it’s an extension of the work from the first project, so that helps a lot!

After receiving feedback from my lecturers on some of my little doodles, that were accompanying my typography and photography, I’ve re-created the pictures by mono-printing them – and in the process I also made my front cover and contents page title… good times!

I created the fonts by drawing them out on card, cutting them out, then printing under/ over them with multiple colours of acrylic paint – on different textures/ weights of paper.

So here’s a sneak peek of the front cover and two of the spreads, as well as some of the raw photographs of the mono printing!

Front Cover.

Contents page banner.

Colour Double Page Spread One. (The dimensions of the book are 18 x 18cm – and I’m aiming for full bleed, falling off the page spreads – the rather informative pages will have a more conservative grid for legibility purposes, but pages like this will be messy!)

Lines Double Page Spread One.

This is a raw pick of the mono print I created for chiaroscuro, and the last image is for planes. These images will stand alone, merge, overlap or hang off the page with the typography and photography.

So once I’ve got my spreads done, and have the book made, I’ll stick up some photos! Also, I’ll post the web link up when I’ve finished this new project.

One more image for the road – turns out red ink on arms is a bad idea – it’s come off – but I looked rather sun burnt on my right arm for a couple of days afterwards – eek! … Don’t ask, we hit a creative brick wall, got bored, and decided this was the best way to spend our time 😛

Over n’ Out



Inky Typo Good Times!

So finally this project is starting to take shape!

Spent this morning photographing my inky prints (which after 48 hours have still NOT fully dried – siiiigh!) at the photography studio. I’m trying to get a mix of flat and shadowy, textured shots for the book.

The inky prints were created using different colours of water based inks, a roller, and wooden blocks that have different fonts and sizes of letters carved into them.


Good times though, and I’m pleased with how some of them turned out.




The next stage is going to be some messy lil’ sketches – and the book will flow “print/photo/sketch” for most of the layouts. Some may overlap or trail off the page and end on the next. Still deciding this right now, but I have a stronger idea of how I want it look now than I did a few days ago – good times!

Back to designing now!

Over n out,



Chiaroscuro & Curry

Just finished my time in studio today – thought I’d quickly stick up a wee post about my progress with this book project.

I’ve finished my research (thank god for that!) and I’m now onto taking photos for each of the basic principles of design.

I’ll then have to narrow these down to ten images, one for each category:

Colour, Texture, Dots, Lines, Dot & Line, Crossing, Planes, Circles, Rhythm and Chiaroscuro.

After that I’ll have to create an illustration for each photograph (using different materials ‘n such) and stick it all together in a purdy layout for publishing … and this is for Friday … sleeping shall be minimal for the remainder of this week!

So here’s 3 of the images that I feel are the strongest so far – shall hopefully get this all done in time!

So this spiderweb that I photographed today is for “Crossing”.

I was lucky enough to be taking pictures whilst there was a burst of sunshine through the windows, and because I snapped this during the blip of good weather, it picked up markings on the glass too – which I thought looked rather sparkly and purdy!

This is for “Texture”. Whilst photographing the walls outside our studio for “Dots”, I noticed a small numerical print on the wall – it looked like a rather rough texture, so I zoomed in and then altered the contrast on photoshop to bring it out a wee bit!

And last, but not least :P, this image is for “Chiaroscuro” (light-dark). Just stumbled across these whilst wondering about Scott Sutherland building and altered the white balance on my camera before taking the shot.

So that’s all for now, since I probably wont have much time to update over the next week!

Off for curry and chat at Jan ‘n Den’s now (biryani goodness!).

Over ‘n Out!