Promo Packaging: The rest ‘o the picks!

So my internet’s being co-operative today… here’s the rest of the packaging pictures! These are of the postcards and their packaging, and the t-shirt rolled up/ opened out.

So that’s 2nd year of Uni over and done with for now … I’m off to the pub – cya!



PS – Here’s the link to Eilidh’s animation 😀 :


Design Museum Promotional Packaging

So after three weeks, we have a final promotional packaging and items!

In our group (Visual communication: Ross Geelan, Graphic Design: Me & Maarten Smets, Digital Design Media: Eilidh Dunshire) we had to create a piece of promotional packaging for a “Classic Design” exhibition, along with a promo tee, 6 A5 postcards, a promo item (in our case – 3D glasses) and a fold down A3 poster, whilst Eilidh created an advert on 3D Maxx. Our project was “3D” themed, with a designer per decades of our choice.

50s – Saul Bass

60s – Keichii Tanaami

70s – Bill Gold

80s – Patrick Nagal

90s – David Carson

00s – Shepard Fairey

Here’s pictures of the box, poster and glasses in their packaging – I’ll add a picture of the glasses folded out on Sunday – they have a little more tweaking to do! I’ll add the rest when my internet allows me to load more – sigh!

Over ‘n out