We’ve returned from the stone age!

In our new flat, and after a looooong long time without internet, we finally have it all set up and raring to go!

So started semester one of year 2, new project and a short timescale to add to it (the fun begins). We’ve to create and self publish a book about the basic principles of design using photography, sketches and other such things. Shall keep ya updated on that (since I’m now a part of the 21st century again!).

Yesterday we presented our Visual Diaries, didn’t really know what to say or do, so just picked out a few parts like the mural, postcards and other little things like that to talk about – think it went well and the feedback I got back was helpful! ūüôā

Here’s some lil’ bits and bobs from the diary,they’re putting them on display in our building, so don’t have pictures of the full thing, but with the images I’ve got, I’ll make a temporary page about it!

So this is the first stage of a final design, but I really liked it before and after the design was all put together, shall have to get a pick of the final thing!

This is a solution¬†me¬†n’ the¬†bf came up with to get the bloody bill faster, lol!

So these are picks of my city view (oooooh, :P!) at nite on a slow shutter speed. I’m¬†pleased with¬†how you also get a vague shape of my room in the window reflection too.

Well that’s all for now, shall get a post up about my new project work asap!

Over n Out!



BAZINGA! It’s the Chatterboxes and Shooting Stars!

Seems like forever since the my last post!

Since I last¬†blogged my internet’s been acting up again – hello pre-2000! …

Anyways Рit has returned after turning the router off and on several times over the duration of a fortnight! Also started the move up to my new flat (YayYayYay! :D) and been job searching (*I need a dollar dollar*).

Also been working on some doodles, and other ideas ‘n such – thought I might post a wee bit about them up here ūüôā

So these are the “Chatterboxes” … they stem from little drawings I was doing of inanimate objects – twas giving them personalities. In this case, the larger speakers in my living room are two veeerrry gossipy women, with yappy little iPods…

This is an idea I’m still working on; a collection of postcards – pref’ large, kick ass A5 postcards – based on TV programs I’m into.¬†The finals would¬†be printed onto thick (pref 280 grams), matt card – although my first lil’ mock ups were made on glossy (only paper to hand at that point) and the colour looked soo vibrant on them, so might make it one side glossy – for the image – and the other matt, for the type.

These are the two that I’ve finished so far. The first one here is based on the show “Shooting Stars” – the design a simplified version of their target logo –¬†and the bright colours representing the upbeat, comedy theme that the show has. The type on the back is one of the lines used, on a regular basis, on the show. Oh, and the font is Hattenschweiller (I think that’s the right spelling!). It gives¬†it a nineties look – even though the program is still running, I feel it was at its height back then.

The second is based on the show “The Big Bang Theory”. The colours are based on the kind of t-shirts Sheldon wears, which ties in nicely with¬†the type that I’ve chosen – “Bazinga!” – his choice of word for when he tries to play a joke on the others. The font is Arial – just to give Helvetica a holiday =P – I felt this¬†just suited the theme,¬†and the flatness, of the imagery. The lines and circles are to hint at neutrons, electrons ‘n such – since the the main characters are professors of Physics.

I think what I aiming for, to link them altogether, is flat, bright, simple shapes, with simple fonts. Hopefully I’ll have them finished soon so I can post up the final cards.

Also still finishing off my other sketches from the previous theme, so might post them up too. Anyways, back to the job search now – this student needs monies!



Raincoats, Puddles and Stars.

All this monsoon like weather has resulted in lots of free doodle time!

However, rather than help me out, the Little Devils decided to venture out into the weather in their cute little raincoats!

Also, here’s a sneak peak of what they’ve been up to on their own little page – remember to check it out from time to time to see what they’re up to!

That’s all for now, off to start work on the first BOTs cartoon, and my Vis Diary, now¬†that I’ve got some material written up! Good times!



Music, more rain and typography

I think this is going to become a bit of a pattern with my blogging – when it rains, there’s gonna be a post!
Well, until the Scottish Autumn is truely here, or else I’ll be blogging everyday, and I’m pretty sure that would not be good¬†for society…

Anyways, onwards with the post. So on Sunday my brother, Graham, was playing with three bands at our local music fest (Erskine Music Fest) – LeadHouse (bluesy, improv, cool), Suijin Sun Dynasty (experimental, grungey, refreshing) and Apocalyptic Sunset (metal, melodic, great finale to the day).

*Looks at previous paragraph* Maybe a tad too many¬†brackets there…
I was on photography duty with my trusty ol’ DSLR (leaving my dad to juggle the video camera and brolly, lol!), so photography funnage began. Here’s a few shots I took on the day!

Also, I love the names of these bands, and thought I’d experiment with some typo doodles of mine. Trusty pens and PS at the ready!

That’s all for now, off to do more sketching and such!



Textured Typography

So amidst tidying and trying to regain some sanity to the household, I’ve had a lil’ bit of time to do some typography for my diary.

I basically scanned in patterns from clothing catalogues and fashion mags, that I thought were interesting and had a bit of character to them, then I used a font/certain word that I felt represented it well.

This was just a quick 30 min exercise¬†– so nothing overly amazing here, lol!¬†– this was pretty much¬†just to keep the creative mind ticking over ūüôā

Plus I want to have a balance of hand generated type and digital type in my diary.
Here’s a couple of them that I think turned out okay!


This was a scanning of a very blinged out bag, with the scale of the pattern blown up so we could see all the details.


This was a scanning of a sparkly sequence dress, but I altered the colour of it to a Cyanish type blue to give it extra glitz!

This was from a flowery jumpsuit, just love the intensity of the greens and reds, verrrry purdy!

That’s all for now!



Grumpy-Old-Lady-Standing-At-The-Bus-Stop-BOT & Hippy-BOT

So I found my fine line pens and set to work on these BOTs. Grumpy…BOT, below, is going to be based on the first image (black line on white) and will¬†be coloured in – the other images are just extra ideas I came up with while messing about with the image!

Also, Hippy-BOTs changed a lil bit! In true phsycadelic form, there had to be melted, mushy rainbow colours – and an out of focus BOT! These ideas were doodled on a bit of newspaper, and for some reason after adding colour to HippyBOT the background went really grainy, and it’s picked up some of the surrounding details!

So I’d say maybe a couple more days working on these BOTs and then I’ll be going on to create a page for these characters¬†on my blog! Good times! ūüėÄ

Off to chill with a glass of Vino now and relax the brain before work tomorrow – sometimes it’s good to have a rainy day! ūüėÄ



Rainy Day Doodles


rain, rain, RAIN!

However, this downright icky weather has resulted in some free doodling time – which also¬†fills up some pages in my Summer Visual Diary for Uni! ūüėÄ

Been working on some friends for my JamesBot (with a very chunky felt pen, so excuse these early roughs please!) , so far there’s Rock-Bot, Geek-Bot, Hippy-Bot, Arty-bot and Grumpy-Old-Lady-Standing-At-The-Bus-Stop-Bot.

These are jus some random ideas that I’ve quickly coloured in on Photoshop. I think I’m going to develop Hippy-Bot and Grumpy…-Bot, thoughts perhaps?

Also, my mate Tully had the best reaction ever to my Lil’ Devils on Facebook! So they wanted to show her their Lil’ Science Lab where they cause cute chaos when they’re not shopping for Toffee Popcorn and Purple Waistcoats! x


Over and out for now!