It’s been too long! And now for some zombies…

Back in the blogging world again… seems so long since I had time to type out a wee blog for ya’ll!

There’ll be 3 posts in short succession to catch you all up on my goings on the past few months (Unless you already know cause of Twitter that is – which btw is @graphicdesignks), this one is about a large project I did over late May/ and June. The next two will be about my summer uni project and other bits and bobs I’ve doing – ooh, exciting, haha! 😛

So among the flat searching, working, living out a suitcase, then back to the old hometown of my past days, I ended up being part of this brilliant, huge project in Renfrewshire! No rest for the wicked, I suppose!

It involved school children from Ferguslie, working together on a movie with a budget of ÂŁ20,000 raised by CashBack and Renfrewshire Youth Council. Other groups involved where Renfrewshire Council, Renfrewshire Arts & Museums, Creative Scotland and Renfrewshire Libraries.

Actor Kate Dickie (from Rab C Nesbit, Chewing the Fat and a lil’ film called Prometheus) and Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs – Fiona Hyslop were involved too!

Ferguslie’s has had some bad media in the past, and this was to show that the community is strong and there is a large amount of fantastic young talent there – actors, artists, dancers, script writers and designers!
So, to go along with the movie, they wanted a sorta spin-off graphic novel, all the artwork was created by the school children at graphic novel workshops over a period of sixteen weeks, and then I was brought in to design the layout of the mag – and fill out the dialogue – excuse my bad jokes in the novel! – to make it look like a comic. I was thinking along the lines of the style found in Beano and Dandy mags in the nineties (religiously bought by moi every Thursday for 20p for most of my childhood!) to match the humour of the movie/novel.

Oh, did I fail to mention the movie and book are about ZOMBIES TAKING OVER FERGUSLIE!!!

Well now you know. It’s called “Dawn of the Fegs” (Feg (Feh – egg) proper noun for someone who inhabits the area known as Ferguslie) and is a cross between Still Game, The Demon Headmaster, and Shaun of the Dead – wonderful! The spin-off comic is called “Terror at the Tanny” – The Tanny being the Tannahill Centre, the main hub of the community.

And it wasn’t just kids that took part in the movie! What about the bingo hall inhabiting zombie grannies, the slightly undead parents and the community hall’s Kung Fu fighting Janitor!!!

The movie was hilarious and fantastic – they’re hoping to enter into the Young Film competition for next years Edinburgh Film Festival, with the Graphic Novel in tow – used as the movie program. As well as this, they want to get it certified and shown at cinemas around Scotland as a short before the main movie! Good luck to them – I hope it goes well, they bloody deserve it!

The premiere was fab and it was great seeing everyone with a copy of the novel and having a good chuckle!

It was great to be part of and I’m pleased to say I’m now on Renfrewshire’s Freelance Designer database – well chuffed! 😀 Also, the comic has an ISBN, which means you can borrow it from any Renfrewshire library!

So here’s some images of the book as well as a list of links from the media coverage of the book and movie!

And here’s the media links if you fancy a look at them too! 🙂 (17min 20sec in)

I’d say that’s all for now but I’ll be posting a short blog after this, and then a second blog tomorrow between packing!

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Gettin’ my networking ooonnn!

So I’ve made up a new, professional (hopefully) looking webpage for networking – the address features on my new business cards as well!

And here’s the…

… Front of the business card…


…and here’s the back!


My previous cards were a bit manic looking too but not as colourful, so I wanted a bolder card this time around. Also the webpage is quite simple so it doesn’t take away from the images (which are in little swishy click on galleries too – oooh!) and videos.

Anyways, that’s all for now!

Over ‘n out



No Adobe … Nope … Not a single bit!

So after a brilliant birthday and St. Patrick’s Day we were given a new brief to do!

For this project we had to design an A2 poster without the help of technology – no Adobe, no laptop, no nothin’!

It’s for a screening of a movie called “Night on Earth” , which is taking place in the main lecture hall on the 10th April. It’s about 5 night time taxi journeys, in 5 capital cities:

Los Angeles


New York



We had to pick a capital city out of a cup (not a hat, a cup), and that was our city that we had to convey in the poster.

I got … *drum roll* … Helsinki!

My scene *spoiler alert* is about 3 drunks heading home after one of them has had the worst day ever! He loses his job, his sixteen year old daughter is pregnant, and his wife wants a divorce – oh, and his brand new car gets vandalized as well – all in all, *bad times*.

So I did a mix of library/online research into the movie and Helsinki/Finland (as well as diggin’ out the ol’ Finnish goth albums!) and discovered the library didn’t have many resources on Finland in general – and they only had two books on any form of design/art – so that was a fun start …

… but no, it was actually really good because it forced me to look at every single aspect of Finland that I could find – landscapes, products, jewelry, fashion, design, art, printmaking, album art, drinking …

so here’s some of the mood/research boards:




So based on the research I felt that the overall look of the poster would have to be ornate, but simple at the same time. The colour scheme based on the goth scene but using a warm colour of paper to print on.

I used the technique “lino printing” to create my image, which is a simplified version of the 3 men at the beginning of the scene drunkenly leaning on each other. The shape, at a glance is also meant to look like a heart forming, and the lines coming from it are like veins, so this ties into the pregnancy. The top left corner of the next board shows the 3 men leaning. Below that are some of the initial idea boards.





So the next few images are of the lino print process and the layout development of the poster. The font was traced, then altered and light boxed onto the final poster. I also experimented with a mix of textured papers until I got the result I was looking for.





So after presenting these final four posters at presentations, I ended up with a final result for submitting into the competition…


So the final also had a bit of painting added to it to make the veins almost ivy-like, and the paper that I chose is much warmer than the others. I’m quite pleased with the final and fingers crossed it gets chosen! 🙂

Anyways, tis the easter holidays and I have a project and essay to do! Shall fill you all in about that soon!

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PS – Anno, the mood boards were created on Adobe – but they were for the presentation! It was just the poster that had to be done by hand! 🙂

Long Time, No Post! (aka Animation and NYC)

Aka – MAJOR catch up – I was going to be a pain and stick up three separate posts of Saturday but instead you are getting two bearable doses of blogging!

So the stop animation is finished!!! (And we’re rather pleased with the outcome too)

Working with Laura and Jaime was brilliant – I still feel bad about how still he had to stay for each shot (especially the falling scene!) – he did a fab job tho! 🙂

We shot over 3000 images at day and night with different exposures and then edited the frames in Photoshop and the timings in Final Cut. There’s also a bit of audio editing, we added an audio excerpt from an old 40s/50s advert at the beginning and end of the video to help tie it all together.

Here’s the storyboard and some shots:


The above colour story boards are key points in the video and the below black and white storyboards were transitions for the animatics or overlays.


This is a screen shot of some of the images from the falling scene we did with Jaime, probably one of the most difficult scenes to do, especially since the camera kept freezing!
Here’s some of the shots where we used some Photoshop, these are just a few as we had to edit quite a bulk or else the effect would not last long enough for it to be seen.


So here’s the link of YouTube if you want to check out the final video:

Also the initial and detailed animatics can be found at these links:



So straight after that our class were off and raring to go to the other side of the pond – NEW YORK!!!

We had a great time and crammed so much in – the MoMa, Guggenheim, Empire State building, Statue of Libby, Times Square – and our accommodation was conveniently right next to Central Park.

Our studio visits were fantastic and very inspiring too!

On Friday we went to Utopia Photography Studio and got a great insight into how being driven, inspired and damn good at networking/ what you do, can get you far. We even got a sneak peak at a photoshoot which was brilliant. On Tuesday we visited KarlssonWilker Inc. and got a nitty gritty insight into building up your business and how you gotta go for it and give it a go having your own studio.

All in all it was a fantastic trip and I’d happily go there again!

(Also the food portions were ridiculous! Haha!)

So here’s some picks:








Anyways, I’ll be posting a bit more NYC picks (like the night-time shots from the Empire State Building) on my second post at the weekend after St. Paddys/ me n’ my flatmate’s 21st!

Over ‘n out






Ink, Ink, Ink

Nearly finished my Blurb book spreads, and I’m starting to think about the new project – web design – luckily it’s an extension of the work from the first project, so that helps a lot!

After receiving feedback from my lecturers on some of my little doodles, that were accompanying my typography and photography, I’ve re-created the pictures by mono-printing them – and in the process I also made my front cover and contents page title… good times!

I created the fonts by drawing them out on card, cutting them out, then printing under/ over them with multiple colours of acrylic paint – on different textures/ weights of paper.

So here’s a sneak peek of the front cover and two of the spreads, as well as some of the raw photographs of the mono printing!

Front Cover.

Contents page banner.

Colour Double Page Spread One. (The dimensions of the book are 18 x 18cm – and I’m aiming for full bleed, falling off the page spreads – the rather informative pages will have a more conservative grid for legibility purposes, but pages like this will be messy!)

Lines Double Page Spread One.

This is a raw pick of the mono print I created for chiaroscuro, and the last image is for planes. These images will stand alone, merge, overlap or hang off the page with the typography and photography.

So once I’ve got my spreads done, and have the book made, I’ll stick up some photos! Also, I’ll post the web link up when I’ve finished this new project.

One more image for the road – turns out red ink on arms is a bad idea – it’s come off – but I looked rather sun burnt on my right arm for a couple of days afterwards – eek! … Don’t ask, we hit a creative brick wall, got bored, and decided this was the best way to spend our time 😛

Over n’ Out



Inky Typo Good Times!

So finally this project is starting to take shape!

Spent this morning photographing my inky prints (which after 48 hours have still NOT fully dried – siiiigh!) at the photography studio. I’m trying to get a mix of flat and shadowy, textured shots for the book.

The inky prints were created using different colours of water based inks, a roller, and wooden blocks that have different fonts and sizes of letters carved into them.


Good times though, and I’m pleased with how some of them turned out.




The next stage is going to be some messy lil’ sketches – and the book will flow “print/photo/sketch” for most of the layouts. Some may overlap or trail off the page and end on the next. Still deciding this right now, but I have a stronger idea of how I want it look now than I did a few days ago – good times!

Back to designing now!

Over n out,



Chiaroscuro & Curry

Just finished my time in studio today – thought I’d quickly stick up a wee post about my progress with this book project.

I’ve finished my research (thank god for that!) and I’m now onto taking photos for each of the basic principles of design.

I’ll then have to narrow these down to ten images, one for each category:

Colour, Texture, Dots, Lines, Dot & Line, Crossing, Planes, Circles, Rhythm and Chiaroscuro.

After that I’ll have to create an illustration for each photograph (using different materials ‘n such) and stick it all together in a purdy layout for publishing … and this is for Friday … sleeping shall be minimal for the remainder of this week!

So here’s 3 of the images that I feel are the strongest so far – shall hopefully get this all done in time!

So this spiderweb that I photographed today is for “Crossing”.

I was lucky enough to be taking pictures whilst there was a burst of sunshine through the windows, and because I snapped this during the blip of good weather, it picked up markings on the glass too – which I thought looked rather sparkly and purdy!

This is for “Texture”. Whilst photographing the walls outside our studio for “Dots”, I noticed a small numerical print on the wall – it looked like a rather rough texture, so I zoomed in and then altered the contrast on photoshop to bring it out a wee bit!

And last, but not least :P, this image is for “Chiaroscuro” (light-dark). Just stumbled across these whilst wondering about Scott Sutherland building and altered the white balance on my camera before taking the shot.

So that’s all for now, since I probably wont have much time to update over the next week!

Off for curry and chat at Jan ‘n Den’s now (biryani goodness!).

Over ‘n Out!