Branding Project

We had a brief at the beginning of this semester called “Brand Me”. As you know I’d created a wee brand at the end of my 2nd year to get my work out there more, so I used this project as a chance to push my branding forward more, taking the stronger elements forward and being more dynamic with the logo text.

This is the final business card below. I hand made these, printing onto three layers, each 210gsm inkjet paper; the front, the varnish middle and the back; then assembled them. It’s created a really nice thick card so I’m quite pleased with that!



So that’s that sorted for now 🙂 Also here’s my new portfolio site as part of the project too!

Over ‘n out




Cooper Black Std – A quick little poster post!

So since I haven’t had time to do a post recently (26 hour/pw shift for a fortnight – eek!), I thought I’d rustle up a quick little post for ya!

One of the extra things we had to do alongside the book (which I’ll have picks up of asap!), website and flash animation was a small paragraph about our (or in my case, one of) favorite fonts.

So obviously, I picked Cooper Std. Black – it’s chunky, kinda has a vintage feel to it, it’s fun and doesn’t make me wanna find the nearest sick bag like Comic Sans does…

I didn’t want it to be a plain paragraph knocked up on Word and printed on a wee bit o’ A4, so I made up a quick little A3 “typo” poster – really simple colours/ layout – but a bit more interesting than a few lines on a page (I hope!).

So here it is …

I’d like to do more work on this, get more info about the font to work with – maybe create an animation – just something to keep the creative clogs rolling whilst waiting on semester two to begin.

Anyways, off to chill after a rather busy shift – think there’s a tub o’ ice cream in the freezer with my name on it…

Over n’ out,